Darkblock Docs

The Darkblock Viewer

The viewer enables NFT owners to easily access Darkblock unlockable content attached to their NFTs.
It is a piece of JavaScript that can be embedded into any website using a live embedded viewer (like YouTube videos) where you copy and paste some html code, or an NPM for developers that want more control.
It's main purpose though is to give builders a short cut to enabling the viewing of Darkblock unlockable content on the NFT platforms they are building.

Key features:

Super easy to integrate into any NFT platform
Supports content stacking (multiple darkblocks per NFT)
Easily customizable
Allows owners to download files, if the creator has allowed them to be.
Supports multiple file formats: images, video, audio, PDFs, ePub, 3D files, HTML, JSON, zip files, and more
Here you can see the Darkblock Viewer being used on the Darkblock Web App. You can see that this NFT has had multiple pieces of unlockable content added to it.
The Viewer player supports various file types like video.
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