What is Darkblock?


Darkblock is a decentralized chain-agnostic protocol. It enables creators to control the distribution and monetization of their content.

A darkblock is a piece of content encrypted by the Darkblock Protocol and stored on Arweave (where it will live for at least 200 years).

A darkblock is immutably linked to an NFT. Only the creator of the NFT can add a darkblock to it and only the owner of the NFT can access it. NFT creators can add darkblock unlockable content even after the NFT has been sold.

By default:

  • NFT creators can add more content.
  • NFT owners can access the content.

However, these rules can be made more flexible depending on the needs of builders looking to leverage the Darkblock APIs e.g. owners could also be allowed to add unlockable content.

In the future creators can choose to grant access through monetization of consumption:

  • rental
  • subscriptions¬†
  • pay-per-view¬†
  • and more