Viewing a darkblock

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As there are a few ways a darkblock can be created and attached to an NFT, depending on which method was chosen, you will either need the nftid or the txid.

In both instances, we can use the Darkblock API getDarkblockInfo endpoint.

So if an individual NFT or collection (with optional trait targeting) has been upgraded:

  • We look for a Darkblock that has the nft_id embedded in it (NFT upgrade). When we find it we prove we are the owner by having the NFT in our wallet and can then access the content.

Or if the Darkblock was created first (forward lookup):

  • We have an NFT that has a Darkblock-ID: <tx_id> embedded in it.
  • We then search for that specific Darkblock and then prove ownership by having the NFT in our wallet.

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