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Crypto Groundhog

Use Case: Gamified Experiences

Creators: PFPs, Brands

Supported File Formats: Whatever you want!

Check out what the Crypto Groundhog predicted for the crypto winter of 2023:

How to replicate:

  1. Think of something you want to put in the darkblock, make a cover, make some media to put in the darkblock
  2. Register a new domain name
  3. Use this page to setup a one page static site using s3:
  4. Go to thirdweb and create a new nft edition drop (can use polygon or solana) Drop
  5. Embed the Thirdweb NFT minter on your site NFT Minter
  6. Go to and locate the NFT in the galllery view, click on it and navigate to the detail view and add the darkblock (super duper easy). Gallery ViewAdd Content
  7. Embed this Darkblock Viewer code into a static html page. Note you have to add the blockchain (platform) and the NFT contract address and token ID.
style="border: none; height: 387px; width: 100%;"
src=" ADDRESS##/##NFT ID##">

Learn more about the Darkblock iFrame embed here:

  1. Upload the html
  2. Glory SuccessCrypto Groundhog