The Darkblock Web App

The Darkblock web app, is a place where NFT creators and owners can go to create and access Darkblock unlockable content.

NFT Upgrades

If you are not building the next big NFT marketplace but just want to add unlockable content to NFTs you have created, you can use the Darkblock web app.

You connect your wallet and get an overview of all your NFTs, created and owned. Select the NFT to which you would like to add unlockable content to. If you have permission to add unlockable content to the NFT, the “Add Content” button will be exposed. Select it and the upgrade modal will open up, and you can select a file to encrypt and attach to the NFT. Check out the Upgrader flow for more information.

Afterward, the owners of the NFT can enjoy the newly added content!

Collection Upgrades

If you are a creator of an NFT collection and would like to add unlockable content to the entire collection with one click you can go to and use the upgrade form. You can also optionally filter by traits also.






Viewing darkblocks

If you are an owner of an NFT that has darkblocks attached to it and want to consume that unlockable content, you can connect your wallet to the Darkblock web app and look for the Darkblock icon on your NFTs under the “owned” tab on the “My NFTs” page.

NFTs with darkblocks