You can embed our viewer directly on your website or use this embed and pass in NFT specific variables.  The embed code below can be pointed at a particular NFT with two bits of information.  The contract address and the NFT ID.  Both pieces of data can be found in the URL.

For instance, the NFT linked here.  You can see the same NFT on OpenSea here.

Contract address Token Id
0x9f2c7b6181814e241c47d7c7cef789e7ecab759c 1

Just take the contractAddress:tokenId and append to the URL in the iframe code, and you can display the Darkblock viewer on your site.

This same embed code can work for different chains with just a slight modification.  Change the /eth/ in the path name to /sol/ for Solana, /matic/ for Polygon, /avax/ for Avalanche, and /tez/ for Tezos.


Polygon NFT with a darkblock attached

    style="border: none; height: 650px; width: 100%; padding: 5px;"
    src="https://app.darkblock.io/platform/eth/embed/viewer/##CONTRACT ADDRESS##/##NFT ID##">